Featured Artist of the Month: Windy O’Connor



What inspires you to paint?

“Usually art, other art. Great artists; my Love Letters are really inspired by Cy Twombley’s work, and that was right before he died. I was just so moved by every etch and sketch and mark that he made, it was just visceral. It made you want to touch it. And also, you know, just life itself. Life experiences. I get to sort of get all of that out on canvas.”

What are your favorite mediums to use?

“I love everything! I love apoxy, oil, acrylic, wax; that’s the fun of it, you just get to use everything. It’s like a big tool box.”

What kind of message do you want to convey to people with your art?

“Well what I found interesting about painting, which I didn’t realize at first but evolved, is that I am a very joyful and happy person. I noticed all my paintings kind of have that theme; and I think with any painter or artist, their paintings will have that energy, they just can’t help it. It’s really cool to see.”

“Sunday Kind of Love” 48×36 $2,300

To see more of Windy’s work and see what we have, check out her page at our website here.

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