Don’t be Shy- Start Your Art Collection Today!

A great piece of art can move a viewer to tears, or transform a room into a conversation starter. However, starting an art collection can be a daunting task, especially when all of the news we hear about art prices revolves around record breaking sales, often for hundreds of millions of dollars. The average person would love to bring joy into their home through original art, but often does not know just how easy, and affordable that can be! Art experts from around the world have compiled lists of their tips for beginning collectors and we’re bringing the best of those to you!

  • Take your time exploring museums, art fairs, and galleries; and don’t be afraid to do so! Get a sense of what you like and are drawn to, and what you generally don’t like. Know some of your favorite artists and why you like them. This will help you when describing what you’re looking for and searching for similar works and styles.
  • Form relationships with gallery staff, they are there to help you and enjoy talking with you. They often know what artists are working on before it comes into the gallery and can help you find the perfect piece of art for you. A close relationship with a gallery can provide many benefits when starting your own collection!
  • Join a museum’s membership program. This will connect you with other art lovers in your area, often with similar tastes. They can be a valuable resource in finding galleries and artists you may not have otherwise known about.
  • Don’t worry about starting small! Be proud of your purchases, and know that any piece of original art adds interest and beauty to a home, especially if you spent your time and money finding the right one.

At allison sprock fine art, we carry art that can appeal to multiple tastes and fit into almost any budget, beginning around $125. We’d love to speak with you about expanding your existing collection, or taking that exciting first step buying an original work. Visit us at the gallery at 600 Queens Road at Baxter, Charlotte NC 28207!Image

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