Add Art to your Summer Vacation!

While your summer plans may include exploring new cities, relaxing on sunny beaches, and trying lots of ice cream, you’re probably thinking of ways to beat the heat (and prevent any more sun burns). Luckily, plenty of museums around the country have exciting exhibits this summer, whether you’re having a stay-cation at home or traveling around the country.

New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Roof Garden Commission: Dan Graham and Gunther Vogt
Through November 2, 2014
Take advantage of the summer weather by visiting the beautiful rooftop garden installation atop the Met. The installation is a collaboration between Swiss landscape architect Gunther Vogt and American artist Dan Graham. It combines iron, two-way glass mirror, both transparent and reflective, between hedges of ivy.

Museum of Modern Art: Sites of Reason: A Selection of Recent Acquisitions
Through September 28, 2014
The newest exhibition at the MoMA showcases contemporary works acquired over the past two years. It hopes to engage viewers by exploring the relationship between the visual and the narrative and different mediums as sites of exchange between the aesthetic, ideological, and social systems.

Whitney Museum of American Art: Jeff Koons: A Retrospective
Through October 19, 2014
In Koons’ first major New York exhibition, as well as his first retrospective, the Whitney will display 150 of Koons’ works in the past 27 years. By chronologically arranging the works, the exhibit hopes to help viewers make sense of his ever-changing styles and series.

Guggenheim: Italian Futurism 1909-11944: Reconstructing the Universe
Through September 1, 2014
This is the first US exhibit to cover over 300 works from the duration of the Italian Futurism movement. It follows the evolution of the movement through numerous mediums, including painting, sculpture, poetry, film, fashion, and more.


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Gorgeous
Through September 14, 2014
Gorgeous spans 2,200 years and features paintings, sculptures, photographs, design objects, and much more. You will be able to see works by not only some of the most famous Western artists, but stunning works from contemporary and ancient Asian artists. The mix of periods, artists, and mediums asks viewers to explore their concept of beauty.

LA County Museum of Art: Fútbol: The Beautiful Game
Through July 20, 2014
An exciting exhibit for those following the World Cup this summer, Fútbol explores the sports impact on and connections to globalism, nationalism, and mass spectacle. It features around thirty artists and numerous mediums, including two room-sized video installations.


MOCA Chicago: Unbound:Contemporary Art After Frida Kahlo
Through October 5, 2014
In 1978, MOCA Chicago presented Kahlo’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States. In this summer exhibit, two of those works will be on display joined by other works and artists exploring Kahlo’s themes of the performance of gender, issues of national identity, the political body, and the absent or traumatized body. The exhibit honors Kahlo’s artistic intentions while reminding viewers how relevant these issues still are today.


Perez Art Museum Miami: Americana
Through August 3, 2014
Americana is the inaugural exhibition of the PAMM’s six overview galleries as a two year cycle of changing thematic exhibitions under the same title. In both English and Spanish, the word describes objects and works produced by American cultures, and the exhibit features art from North American, South American, and Caribbean artists.

The Dali Museum: Marvels of Illusion
Through October 12, 2014
Marvels of Illusion explores double images and illusions in Dali’s works as well as a special 16th century work on loan from the Ringling Museum. An interactive installation also takes visitors inside one of Dali’s works. And don’t forget allison sprock fine art’s link to Dali! We have Spanish artist Martin Frias who photographed and painted Dali!


Museum of Fine Arts Boston: Jasper Johns: Picture Puzzles
Through January 4, 2015
Jasper Johns is an iconic American artist and the exhibit will feature 22 of his prints, drawings, and relief sculptures. The works look at the relationship between dimensionality, symbolism, and repetition.

North Carolina

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art: Mario Botta: Architecture and Memory
For those of you staying close to home, don’t miss this exhibition chronicling the past 50 years of works by the architect of the Bechtler himself. Sketches, models, and photographs of 30 of his major public buildings will be on display in the Bechtler’s fourth floor gallery.

Mint Museum Uptown: Jennifer Steinkamp: Orbit 12
Through August 31, 2014
These installations use computer animation to explore space, perception, and natures. The works will be projected onto the walls, completely enveloping the viewers into different seasons swirling around them.

allison sprock fine art
All summer long!
Stop by the gallery any time for a tour and a lemonade, glass of wine, or a freeze pop this summer! We have Hunt Slonem’s famous Bunnies, the renowned portrait artist Russian Marc Chatov, and the outrageous mixed media artist Louis St. Lewis, as well as brand new abstracts, and the perfect paintings for your beach house. We hope to see you soon!

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