Meet asfa’s Artist of the Week: Marc Chatov

“The object isn’t to make art, it is to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” -Robert Henri


Born in 1953 in Florida, Marc Chatov has never lost touch with his family heritage. Son of Russian artist Roman Chatov and nephew to the equally prolific painter Constantin Chatov, Marc Chatov was saturated with art from a young age. After completing a formal education, he returned to the influences of his youth and apprenticed beneath his relatives, taking over teaching their studio’s art classes in 1984.

Pursuing his passion for realism, Marc has made a name for himself among the art community. Today, he is regarded as a leading contemporary portrait painter. He has been featured as one of the top eight portrait artists in America in Money magazine and is represented by Portraits, Inc. and Portraits South. Additionally, he is an Advisory Board Member with the Portrait Society of Atlanta.

When not painting portrait commissions, Marc explores a combination of serious and soothing subjects. His painting They Have Eyes But See Not, Ears But Hear Not (below) uses the juxtaposition of technology and religion to comment on the callous isolation experienced by the homeless, even by the average man. It was honored as a finalist in the 8th annual Raymar Art Fine Art Competition.

marc1 marc2

A similar subject is explored in his work The Veteran- Feeding the Hungry (above), as a couple at a restaurant feeds the pigeons beside them, oblivious to a hungry man that they ignore. Despite the power of his commentaries, Marc Chatov is not limited to them. He also explores softer scenes, often female nudes, or mythological subjects. In his painting Tangles (below), Marc gracefully explores a mundane scene: the everyday struggle that a woman faces to keep her hair brushed.

Tangles Talking Crow

     Talking Crow (above) takes another contemplative look into a more mythological interaction. A resting nude interacts with the bird on the ground beside her. The flowers in her hair and the sylvan background evoke images of nymphs and naiads, and complements the whimsical realism of the subject herself.

A master of the paintbrush, Marc takes portrait commissions on his website, as well as providing the original pieces we offer. We are proud to name him asfa’s Artist of the Week.

To see more of Marc’s work, visit

Marc’s personal website:

Marc’s Facebook page:


All paintings discussed above are available for sale at the gallery.

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