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Save the date, save a child! – join us for a fundraiser with Blessed Lotus.

Come down to the gallery and meet the faces behind Blessed Lotus, a charity that creates jobs for survivors of human trafficking. You will be able to admire the handy-work of these powerful women and meet De Anne Wingate, the driving force behind the charity.

100% of all profits will go towards building schools in the slums of India, to help future generations of girls escape trafficking and gain an education.

The Mission 

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  

— Mahatma Gandhi

De Anne Wingate returned from India in March of 2012, with a desire to help children living in slums receive the best education possible.  She saw first hand that this was the only hope for these precious little ones.  Thus, the seed was planted for her nonprofit to put schools in slums around the world.

 A portion of the tunics are handmade and embroidered by a group of women in need. They are paid by the piece. This small network is being taught English, how to read, write and basic finance skills.  Dignity is restored.  Her vision is for all the tunics to be made by these women.

We CAN make a difference!  One purchase, one child, one person, at a time…


600 Queens Road

Charlotte, NC

Thursday, July 12th 5:30 – 8:30PM

Check out Blessed Lotus on Facebook!

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Featured Artist of the Month: Tony Griffin!

What’s your favorite piece thus far?

My favorite piece is usually whatever I am working on, because that’s where I am. I try not to judge them.

What is your favorite medium to use? 

My favorite medium is what I use; oil paint and any drawing media.

What inspires you to create art?

I am inspired to paint by an insatiable desire to make something beautiful. That is all. For me, there is no other reason to paint.

If you could be a shoe of any kind, what would you be?

As far as shoes go, I like to slip into something fuzzy and comfortable.

For more paintings from Tony, check out his page on our website here!

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