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Neil Gaiman gives a charming and moving commencement speech about the arts.

Neil Gaiman may be recognizable to you as the international best-selling author of children’s books Coraline and the Graveyard Book. Among his adult novels: ¬†Stardust, Good Omens, American Gods and numerous collections of short stories, plus Sandman, his collection of illustrated novels. The¬†Philadelphia University of the Arts invited him to address the class of 2012 at their graduation ceremony, and what he presented is easily the most inspirational and moving speech an artist or art-lover could hope to hear. In his speech, he addresses the hardships of trying to make yourself known, finding your own voice, and even the problems of success, which “are sometimes harder, because nobody warns you about them.” However, he also addresses the many reasons that it is worth it, and the many ways that doing what you love will always be the best decision you can make. We highly recommend taking the time and watching it for yourself.

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